Messenger Rooms is now available to everyone in the US, Canada and Mexico, and will be available to everyone globally in the next week!With so many people at home around the world, we're all relying on video chat to feel present with the people we care about. WhatsApp and Messenger are already the most popular video calling services globally, but for large groups most of the video services out there are designed for work, not social interactions. Messenger Rooms is group video chat designed for social interactions. Rooms have no time limits, can host up to 50 people, and you can create them for free across Messenger, Facebook, and soon Instagram and WhatsApp as well. You can create a private room and invite a few friends with a link, or you can create a room for one of your groups, or for an event you're planning. You can also start a room for all your friends at the top of your News Feed and just see who stops by to say hi. You don't need to schedule time to hang out like other video conferencing tools -- it's much more serendipitous and fun. I've really enjoyed using it as we've been building it. I've gotten to catch up with a lot of people I miss seeing around but wouldn't have necessarily called on my own. Try it out and I'm interested to see what you think!

Geplaatst door Mark Zuckerberg op Donderdag 14 mei 2020
الرئيسية / تكنولوجيا / مؤسس فيسبوك “مارك زوكربيرغ” يعلن عن Messenger Rooms

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